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Symptoms from our many everyday modern devices (smartphones, computers, tablets, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs) can affect our vision. Is it near work, awkward posture, poorly designed work station, inappropriate lighting, or font size? OR is it the EYES?

The eyes lead the body which may lead to skeletal muscle issues, neck and backaches, headaches, fatigue, disrupted sleep patterns and eyestrain. Blurred near vision, eye dryness, delayed distance refocus/blur, and closing one or both eyes may be associated symptoms. The symptoms are so common there is a name for the problem: Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Our clinicians evaluate to establish any visual diagnosis. Are your eyes out of focus (nearsighted/farsighted/astigmatism), not balanced or teaming together like binoculars, avoiding double vision, fighting the "forty year old eye" syndrome, reacting to blue-violet radiation or drying from exposure or poor tear quality?

Eye and vision wellness is available with a thorough eye examination of the vision system not just checking for glasses. Remedies may include artificial tears, nutrition supplement suggestions, proper lens correction, lens tints or coating treatments, change in lighting and environmental factors, wellness exercises, or adjusting the lens prescription. Yes, it may or may not mean glasses.

See us and see the difference.