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10 years as of Saturday, July 19th!!!! Congratulations Brenda F. on your 10 year anniversary with our clinic! Thank you for all that you do, we appreciate it! We are lucky to have had you as part of our team for the past 10 years and look... Read More

Our clinic has many things to celebrate this week! (It is Brenda week!!!) Congratulations to Brenda D. and Brenda M. on their employment anniversaries! Brenda D. joined our clinic team on July 9, 2007 and Brenda M. joined us on July 10, 2006!... Read More

Lafont Frame Sale Extended to July 31st.... $40 OFF of our exclusive, IN-STOCK Lafont Frames! Known for a style that is sophisticated and classic. Our clinic is the only one in the Green Bay area that carries this amazing line! Please stop by... Read More

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Allergic conjunctivitis

Despite what Mother Nature may have you believe, spring is right around the corner! Not only is it that lovely time of year where flowers bloom and the leaves return to trees, but for many people it is the worst time of year for allergies....

Symptoms from our many everyday modern devices (smartphones, computers, tablets, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs) can affect our vision. Is it near work, awkward posture, poorly designed work station, inappropriate lighting, or font size? OR is...