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Are you ready for a change this spring?  Stop by our office to see the exciting, new collections that are waiting for you!

Photo of clinic staff and families

Clinic staff and families celebrated Memorial Day by participating in DePere's Memorial Day parade.  Even though it was a wet start, it was great to see how many people were along the route to enjoy the parade and show their support for our... Read More


We are proud to announce that we are now carrying Dragon Alliance frames.  This line features men's frames as well as sunglasses.  Stop by our DePere location to see our selection!

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Allergic conjunctivitis

Despite what Mother Nature may have you believe, spring is right around the corner! Not only is it that lovely time of year where flowers bloom and the leaves return to trees, but for many people it is the worst time of year for allergies....

Symptoms from our many everyday modern devices (smartphones, computers, tablets, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs) can affect our vision. Is it near work, awkward posture, poorly designed work station, inappropriate lighting, or font size? OR is...